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Common problems


What is the production process of a brus···

Firstly, the steel shaft is cut into suitable sizes, and a blank is produced on the machine bed. After welding, reinforc···


How to choose a brush strip?

The brush industry is a small industry, and users have little understanding of brushes. As long as it affects their work···


What is the reason for the hair removal ···

A snow brush is a type of sanitary brush that can be assembled one by one into a snow brush roller. In some places, due ···


How do you clean the snow brush?

After cleaning the snow brush, you must do the relevant cleaning to ensure the normal use and extend the service life. H···


What are the usual ways of cleaning the ···

At present, the cleaning and cleaning methods of the national highway are usually made by manual cleaning and mechanical···


Can a sweep brush be used as a sanitatio···

Snow brush is widely used in our life, its main function is to use snow brush brush rotation of the centrifugal force an···