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Can a sweep brush be used as a sanitation brush?


 Snow brush is widely used in our life, its main function is to use snow brush brush rotation of the centrifugal force and roll Angle, to float the snow to the side of the road, to avoid floating snow harden, freezing, achieve rapid pure snow, ease urban traffic, the airport runway and highway and so on.


 Use a snow brush to learn to maintain, in order to extend the duration of use, specific how to maintain, the introduction is as follows:
 1. When the snowplow is stopped, the roller should be kept at a distance from the ground, otherwise the brush sheet will be deformed for too long after contact with the ground.
 2. After stopping the snow removal work, check the cleaning brush in time to see if there is any defect and replace it in time.
 3. The snowplow that works with the spreader should be cleaned after stopping the snow removal, so as not to corrode the chemical composition in the salt.
 4. When the snow brush roller is removed from the snowplow, it should be stored at both ends of the brush roller.
 5. The brush should not be stored with chemical corrosion products, and should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse to avoid direct sunlight.
 The above is to introduce the maintenance method of the sweeping brush, the maintenance method should be carried out according to these methods, so as to extend the service life, and improve the effect of clearing snow to a large extent.

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