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What are the usual ways of cleaning the highway?


At present, the cleaning and cleaning methods of the national highway are usually made by manual cleaning and mechanical cleaning. The cost of manual cleaning is low, but there are many demand personnel, and the cleaning efficiency is low, the traffic disturbance is large, the accident risk is high. At present, more is the guardrail cleaning car, the application of swiveling brush to wash the guardrail. This article suggests a clean install, joint characteristics and design in the construction of the fence fence itself as guide rail, task, clean install indirect placed on the guardrail, comfortable sliding can be driven by a motor on the fence, in the process of cleaning depends on the moment of installation of its own gravity to demand in the cleaning process of pressure applied on average, the cleaning effect is good.


 NO1. The principle of cleaning and installing scheme design.
 1. The guardrail cleaning and installation is guided by the guardrail itself, which is placed on the guardrail indirectly through the groove wheel, and equipped with independent drive equipment, which can travel on the guardrail.
 2. In accordance with the construction specification of the corrugated beam guardrail of the highway, the high pressure water washing, brush and cloth washing and cleaning shall be done together. The cloth is designed with the interpolation principle, which can keep the cloth and the column face in good contact, and strengthen the cleaning effect.
 3. Apply the torque generated by the installation of its own gravity to apply the pressure required in the cleaning process.

 NO2. Cleaning and installation construction.
 The new type of highway guardrail cleaning and installation consists of water tank, frame, motor, water pump, nozzle, brush, rag, hanging wheel frame, groove wheel and circuit. Hanging wheel and rigid frame through a screw connecting, motor through a gearbox drive sheave rotating, motor through the synchronous belt driven in brush, spray water on the shelf with multiple nozzles, spray plane after latex pipe and the water pump outlet connected, water pump and water tank of water entry is same. When the work is done, just align the grooved wheel to the upper edge of the highway guardrail, and open the motor and the active cleaning of the guardrail.
 1, the water tank
 The water tank is equipped with a simple clamping device on the hanger rack. Its size is 300mm * 100mm. The water inlet is at the upper part of the water inlet, which is connected with the water vehicle through the soft water pipe, and the water tanker supplies water to the water tank. The water tank plays an important role in the transition storage water.
 2. Rack and rack.
 All parts are removed on rack and rack. The frame and the wheel rack are combined with the screw rigidity. The joint Angle is that when the straw wheel is stuck in the guardrail, the frame is close to the lead vertical surface. The middle part of the frame along the side of the frame is the two guide wheels before and after the front guide wheel is combined with the frame. The front and rear guides of normal tasks are in contact with the column surface.
 3. Sprinkler and nozzle.
 The water spray frame is fixed on the front end of the frame, and its length is slightly shorter than that of the column, with a series of nozzles on it. The water spray frame is combined with the outlet of the pump outlet through the latex tube. When the pump task is performed, the nozzle can discharge the high-pressure water flow and complete the wetting and the first cleaning of the column surface.
 4, brush
 Made of nylon yarn diameter is about 1 mm nylon bundle, and fixed on the first piece, the nylon bundle sheath of the steel on the brush shaft, divided into two brush, between the brush device has a small synchronous belt wheel, remove the brush shaft bearing on is located in the middle of frame upper and lower edge. The small synchronous belt wheel is connected by synchronous belt and the large synchronous belt wheel. When the motor drives the large belt wheel task, the brush can be rotated at 300r/min to clean the column face and complete the second cleaning. Theory indicate that the brush to fence board which has the best operation torque, brush the rotary center of gravity to the guardrail plate appearance of vertical interval H about brush rotating open radius of 1/3 ~ 1/2, therefore, the diameter of the brush was 200 mm.
 5, cloth
 Design is carried out with interpolation principle. Using screws to fix the cloth frame on the rack, a series of small reduction is made on one side of the cloth frame towards the guard rail, and the elastic cloth (can be stretched) on the other end of the vibration reduction. The length of the shock absorber is designed to be in tight shape regardless of where it is in contact with the column. In scrubbing the waveform (W) column surface, crest (bar height below) will be tight vibration small, in the wave trough of vibration reduction by large number of austerity, elastic cloth on the bar is spread into waveform (W), and the surface of the bar have insisted on the good contact, so as to enhance the effect of the scrubbed, clean finish third.
 6, sheave
 The device is mounted on the rack so that its groove can be stuck on the upper edge of the guardrail. The slotting of the tank is connected with the motor, and the motor will drive the grooved wheel along the guardrail.
 7. Broken circuit
 Since the installation is used for field operation, the battery can be used as the power source and the charging can be carried out without the task. To progress guardrail cleaning operation effect, the rotating direction of the brush to clean the car driving direction shall be suitable to wash the tangent of the columns (that is, the rotating brush to drive in the opposite direction of the car), at this time, only a unidirectional rotation can brush.

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