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How do you clean the snow brush?


 After cleaning the snow brush, you must do the relevant cleaning to ensure the normal use and extend the service life. How to clean the snow brush? Here's a quick introduction.


 In snow brush maintenance cleaning process must be in the correct cleaning methods for cleaning snow brush, in cleaning engineering must follow the brush hair washed, absolutely can't reverse cleaning, reverse cleaning can lead to hair brush to sweep on different degrees of loss. Cleaning after the completion of the need to sweep snow brush internal moisture all squeezed out, the need to pay attention to is to cannot be opposite of snow brush hair for screw extrusion drainage method, which can make snow brush surface becomes loose, unfavorable to the application of snow brush in the hereafter, severe cases can make hair brush to sweep on, thus further damage to sweep the brush, to squeeze out the water after cleaning snow brush the right approach is to use paper towels or dip in with health cotton constantly take the moisture in snow brush, dip in water of the same time also want to through the tissue or tampons for snow brush on continuous extrusion of hair in order to exclude the moisture in hair, so repeated work will determine the water out clean, make sure the water lines are clean after the snow brush will be dry snow brush brush head down, will be to sweep brush clean water further in.
 In this note is in the air when snow brush must be put in a cool, dry, ventilated place of snow brush can not be in the sun insolates, because under the high temperature of the sun's rays is likely to snow brush hair damage, leading to snow brush is used, by the same token, snow brush and do not use the dryer for baking, also cannot use normally use hair dryer to blow dry.

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