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The leader of the cleaning brush industry

Our company IS LOCATED AT THE foot ofthe NATIONAL AAAAA GRADE scenic spot "Tianzhu Mountain" only 20 kilometers away from the Beijing-Kowloon Railway and Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway, the geographical environment is superior and the transportation is convenient.

We have advanced German imported special brush machinery,technology and testing equipment. For the majority of users to provide advanced technology, high quality nylon wire, steel wire, copper wire and other industrial brush roller, brush roller and all kinds ofspecial-shaped brush, brush materials, domestic and imported varieties of complete. product technical quality indicators to reach the international level, the products are renowned throughout the country.

As the leader ofthe cleaning brush industry, in the early 1990s began to commit to the research and development and production of cleaning brush, is an important part of the Chinese brush industry base, we are based on the cleaning brush, the existing cleaning brush varieties of more than 1000, the main products are: Sweep road brush, snow brush snow rolling brush, square brush, all kinds of disk brush, guardrail sweep, small square branch, brush rolling, is collection of research and development, production, sales in one of the professional environmental brush productiot of modern enterprises. We have a professional technical team, advanced mechanical equipment, fully capable o customized products according to customer requirements, free production ofsamples, samples qualified and then bu order, customer interests are guaranteed! At the same time, we also provide customers with old brush roller repair ar molting business for customers to save production costs,so favored by customers.