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What is the reason for the hair removal of snow brushes?



A snow brush is a type of sanitary brush that can be assembled one by one into a snow brush roller. In some places, due to the different ways people make phone calls, they sometimes refer to the snow sweeping roller as a snow brush.

The snow brush roll made of snow sweeping blades is also very convenient when dealing with heavy snow, following the principle of "one chopstick keeps folding". Although there are significant differences between snow brush blades and other industrial brushes, and the workplace has shifted from extensive processing operations to urban roads, there are many similarities between choosing snow brush blades and industrial brushes.

When selecting snow sweeping brush blades, it is also important to pay attention to the firmness of the brush blades, and the phenomenon of hair shedding during use cannot occur. Otherwise, it will cause secondary pollution to the environment. Moreover, the lifespan of such snow sweeping brush blades is usually too early, and it is necessary to replace them with new ones, which undoubtedly increases the operating cost. However, when encountering the problem of hair loss on snow brushes, most people suspect that it is due to the quality of the brush itself, but have never thought that the process of snow brushes can also lead to the phenomenon.

At present, there are three types of hair planting techniques for snow brush blades, namely direct hair planting, winding type, and nylon sleeve.

The older method of directly planting hair is to plant the brush wire directly on the brush roller, which has higher strength and is less prone to hair loss. However, the cost of hair planting is high and local replacement is not possible. The processing and production method of nylon sleeves is relatively simple, but the strength is not high, and the density of hair is first and foremost serious, which often leads to hair removal problems. Winding type is a method of planting wool introduced from abroad, which can be made into a winding type by winding the brush wire onto a metal strip and then onto a roller. The same disadvantage is that the strength is not high.

Given the significant differences in the effectiveness of the above processes, it is recommended to ask for specific hair planting methods in advance when selecting snow brush blades, in order to avoid the problem of hair removal and shedding during use.

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