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How to choose a brush strip?



The brush industry is a small industry, and users have little understanding of brushes. As long as it affects their work efficiency and product quality, it will be valued. Therefore, it is particularly important to integrate one's own competitive advantages and find suitable strategies to enter the market.

Interestingly, most brushes have little knowledge about the quality of abrasive filaments, and there are even some superficial misunderstandings; Some brushes do not allow manufacturers to purchase at will; Or not focusing on quality, which is cheaper and which is cheaper; Or the brush doesn't want to know. OH, recommended by others for decision-making. This is a belief that others are more professional than oneself.

Firstly, it is necessary for brushes to learn how to identify the quality of raw materials. To grow, enterprises must possess sufficient professional qualities, ensure quality, conduct business, and enjoy the long-term test of shopping malls. It is recommended to observe, study, analyze, communicate, summarize, and use brushes frequently, so that they are not afraid of low starting points and will definitely become true experts!

Secondly, identifying the brand (manufacturer) to purchase raw materials is the key to ensuring stable quality. A professional, cooperative, and honest raw material supplier will ensure quality, handle questions, assist in skills, and assist its users in winning the mall.

The correct order should be the first to analyze the target customers and understand their working conditions, such as dry/wet grinding, rotational speed, pressure, temperature, suitable brush wire length, grinding surface condition, processing key, origin of the original brush, main reasons for invalidation, etc. These are very important, and it is necessary to be meticulous and professional enough to win the trust and orders of customers.

How to integrate one's competitive advantages? Is it better to enter the market at a low price, or at a suitable price with stable quality, or at a higher price with high quality? This still relies on a comprehensive analysis of the client's profession, process requirements, working conditions, and other factors, integrating one's competitive advantages, finding the right strategy to enter the mall, and recommending suitable products to the client.

Quality is the top vitality. A high-quality product needs to be composed of high-quality raw materials, and the bristles like the "blade of a knife" are not of utmost importance? Isn't it the soul of the brush?

The rules that can be consulted are: the low price entry plan is suitable for popular and universal products; A suitable price point and stable quality plan, due to their high cost-effectiveness, can meet the application needs of the vast majority of users, and is a more competitive plan; High price+high-quality plan, as an important component, suitable for high-speed work, high production, and high value-added professions.

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