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What is the production process of a brush roller?



Firstly, the steel shaft is cut into suitable sizes, and a blank is produced on the machine bed. After welding, reinforcement, straightening, and then manufacturing the prototype of the roller core through a lathe;

Then, based on different requirements, identify whether to stop the sleeve outside the roller core prototype or insert it into the mold for indirect injection molding, so that the fundamental shape of a brush roller body has been formed. Stop precision turning of the roller body blank after injection molding or casing on the machine tool according to the dimensions required by the drawing, and stop subsequent processing according to different process requirements, such as precision grinding of the rubber coated roller core and making different keyways or interfaces for the shaft head.

Drilling and hair planting brush roller - uses CNC punching equipment to stop punching the completed brush roller, and the depth and density of the holes are distinguished and set according to different requirements. Place the punched brush roller on a fully automatic CNC or semi-automatic horseshoe buckle hair planting machine to stop the hair planting operation; After the hair planting is completed, the shearing is stopped by a roller type shearing machine, so that the brush threads on the surface of the brush roller are cut flat.

Spiral wound brush roller, also known as spring brush roller, first uses automatic strip brush equipment to produce strip brushes (without continuity), and then uses a platform to move the equipment, evenly winding on the roller shaft, and using sub pot welding to weld firmly in the middle. The brush roller made by the coiled brush roller (spring brush roller) process has achieved high density and strong fastness. The initial step is packaging. Firstly, the brush rollers should be inspected, and those with leaks should be returned to the workshop for rework. The tension of each bundle of brush bristles should be tested, and all the selected elements of the brush roller should be considered when selecting the brush roller style.

Based on the following selection criteria, brush rollers that are suitable for any consumer line requirements and environment can be manufactured.

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